Applied cookie
The type of cookie is the exclusive use of statistics to Google Analytics, used in conjunction with increasing the usability of our website.

In order to prioritize and develop the most visited pages on the site, showdown we periodically statistics on use of the page. These statistics are used internally in summarized form to see which pages and browsers are used the most. Data on the individual user’s use of the services disclosed or sold to third parties.

Cookies generally
Cookies are small text message that is placed on your computer when you use a website. A cookie can be placed on your computer in connection with a mission, as being erased when you leave the site.
Data from cookies can not be used to collect personal information.

To reject the use of cookies
You can refuse cookies on your computer in the settings of your browser. By not allowing cookies that websites whose functionality is dependent on cookies, that no longer works as intended. A cookie is on your computer, so it is always possible for you to view, change, or delete cookies.

You control cookies, as in the browser, select advanced cookie settings in Internet preferences and adding domains from which you want to block cookies. Individual cookies or all cookies are stored on your computer can be deleted easily.