Generally terms

All deliveries from Aarslev happens, unless otherwise agreed in writing, are according to the following terms and conditions.


Aarslev reserves the right to change prices without prior notice, due to changes in exchange rates, customs, duties, taxes, commodity prices etc.
The goods are procured on order, so delivery time must be expected.

Force majeure

Force majeure, which exempts Aarslev´s liability, considered among others, the following conditions at Aarslev or its subcontractors:
War and state of emergency, strike, lockout, natural disasters, lack of supplies, fire, import and export ban, foreign exchange restrictions and downtime in production.


Goods can only be returned by prior arrangement.


Purchaser must examine the goods upon receipt.
Any complaints have to be notified to Aarslev, no later than 8 days after delivery.

Warranty period

Aarslev commits, within a period of 3 months from the invoice date, to address the items that are defective due to faulty design, materials or workmanship.
Such mitigation happens after Aarslev’s choice of credit, a proportionate reduction or replacement.

Product liability

Aarslev can, under no circumstances, be liable for loss of profits, indirect or similar.


The entire invoice amount is due for payment in accordance with conditions indicated on the invoice.
Due payments will be imposed with interest rates by 2% per year


Delivery is done with the cheapest alternative, that matches the orders weight and measurement.