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A cookie is a small piece of code stored on your computer, when you visit a website. They are used among other things to record your movements while you are on the home page and remember you, when you return. The information that is recorded can be used, for example statistics, to improve the user experience and to show you targeted advertisements.
We distinguish between first-party cookies that originate from the website you visit, and third-party cookies come from other places. This could be ads, banner ads and information from and about the other partners web sites.

Cookies do not contain viruses and are in themselves not dangerous. Most Internet browsers allow you to block cookies completely or partially and delete cookies that you’ve already got. You should be aware that if you block all cookies, you will find that many sites do not function properly.

The rules for Danish Web sites using cookies, have been established in an EU directive, which states that users of sites in the EU must be made aware of the cookies, that websites are using.